About Us


An all-day café created for today’s guest, COU COU By Oberoi is a multifaceted outlet that brings The Oberoi legacy of heartfelt service, quality and craft to people everyday. Through a menu that showcases classics made with unique twists, a space that is welcoming engaging and community centric, as well as service that is heartfelt and personalised COU COU By Oberoi is a contemporary and elegant reprieve - bringing authenticity and glamour to daily life. Each component, whether it be the patisserie, viennoiserie, soul food or coffee, come together in a space that is equally compelling in the morning as it is in the evening. Whether you are meeting for breakfast after school drop off, grabbing a coffee before a presentation or meeting a friend for a glass of wine in the evening, COU COU By Oberoi is a venue that molds to the needs of today’s “always on,” cosmopolitan and social lifestyle COU COU By Oberoi is a third space - one to work, meet, relax, engage and so much more.

Our Story art of  COU COU By Oberoi


French by name, European cafe presence and Indian and credible by heart. COU COU By Oberoi is a place where desires come to life for all your cravings providing an experience that cannot be missed out on. An upscale eclectic casual dining space that is fit for a meal or a quick cup of coffee and dessert at any time of the day!

Our Vision

To be New India’s Favourite Multi Unit Lifestyle Café Rooted In The Oberoi Ethos.

Our Stort art of  COU COU By Oberoi
Vision of  COU COU By Oberoi
Our Story of  COU COU By Oberoi

Our Mission

COU COU By Oberoi seeks to deliver upon its vision by:

  1. Creating memorable moments and experiences for guests through food, beverages and artisanal products made to the highest level of quality, service that is exceptional and a venue that is welcoming, chic and dynamic.
  2. Creating a café concept that can be taken to multiple cities and locales across India making COU COU By Oberoi a must-visit lifestyle destination within each neighbourhood it calls home. Through consistency and commitment to the refined yet accessible concept quality of service and a high level of activation and engagement, COU COU By Oberoi will be known for certain hallmarks that will make it stand out.
  3. By embracing and embodying The Oberoi Group’s legacy, warm and personalised service ethos coupled with operational expertise to create a brand that is recognisable for its unique experience and high quality.
  4. To continuously keep a finger on the pulse of the market - innovating and evolving to keep the concept fresh, exciting and differentiated - keeping the New Indian consumer engaged and being recognised as an Indian brand around the globe.